Hi all!

So, I’ve been meaning to update this puppy for a while, but i’ve been woefully/thankfully busy actually WORKING for the past year or so!  But here’s a little of where I’ve been and where I am.

Since my last blog post, I…

(TL;DR? Just skip the internal bullet points)

-left Dallas after a great show run of Les Mis to take an apprenticeship in Audio at Goodspeed Musicals.

  • while there, I served as a wireless mic technician on a new musical called “The Circus in Winter”.  There were about 16 channels of RF in many different flavors, everything from Sennheiser’s older SK2012s up through the 5212, so managing all the different frequency ranges and connectors was quite the challenge!
  • After my A2 gig, I actually wound up staying on at Goodspeed to take over as the mixer on their mainstage musical, “Irving Berlin’s Holiday Inn!”  It was a wonderful experience and opportunity, and a unique one, since it was my first time taking over for someone on a show.  I learned about the challenges of the mix, but also about how to behave and make people comfortable, in order to make the technical and personal transition 100% smooth.  I’m proud to say I think at least one person didn’t know the original person had left and I took over!  And I can’t wait for New York audiences to get to see this gem of a show when it hits Broadway next fall.  I’m proud to have earned my first professional mixing credit working on this show.

-While at Goodspeed, I picked up a great “weekend gig” working at American Repertory Theatre’s Club Oberon

  • Oberon is a fantastic amazing space where gigs can last any time from one performance to a full week.  It’s a huge lesson in being adaptable, flexible, and REALLYFREAKINGFAST.  My first week there, we put up a college theatre production of “Assassins” with 13 pieces onstage. We did two shows, STRUCK the entire thing (set included!) in order to allow their resident Saturday night show, “The Donkey Show” to happen, then RELOAD the whole thing back in for two shows the next day.  No time for confusion, inconsistency, or attitude.  Good time.

Ok, at this point in my timeline it’s January, and so far this year I have continued to build my relationships with these two theatres, where I still work regularly, as well as supplementing with work at Yale Repertory Theatre, Hartford Stage Company, Mohegan Sun Casino, and The Dalton School in NYC.  I’ll detail that stuff in my next post and in the Portfolio section of my website! Thanks for reading!