Finally, here’s what my summer and fall have entailed.  A lot of it was just like last fall, as I was once again working for two organizations I love, Goodspeed Musicals and American Repertory Theatre!

First up, I was given the opportunity to mix the new musical “The Theory of Relativity” by Neil Bartram and Brian Hill, a beautiful 80-minute long sung-through piece about the ways in which we are all interconnected. It had a cast of 13 and a band of 5, and everyone was a sheer delight to work with. It was also a pleasure to be working once again with Jay Hilton as sound designer; he continues to be one of my biggest mentors and role models in this industry.

After that show, I headed up to Boston for the summer to officially join the staff at ART’s Club Oberon.  Unfortunately, this didn’t exactly go as planned, as six days into my employment, I flew over my handlebars while riding my bike to work and broke my right collarbone…not so helpful when two arms are needed for most mixing.  But thanks to the great folks in Boston, I was able to come back to work in a limited capacity after just 4 weeks, and the company was able to arrange for me to do some paid training and shadowing. A big help with not being able to work and still needing to make my Boston rent!

After the tumultuous summer, the boyfriend and I took a much-needed week off, where we roadtripped out to see our friends in Cleveland and back. Cause relaxation is important too!

At the helm of "Theory of Relativity" in Chester Connecticut
At the helm of “Theory of Relativity” in Chester Connecticut
Meanwhile while broken...
Meanwhile while broken…
A typical day at Club Oberon
A typical day at Club Oberon
2015-08-09 00.25.56
After mixing my first “The Donkey Show”, a 60-minute long Midsummer Night’s Disco that runs every Saturday night at Club Oberon!